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Top 5 Shopping Areas in Bangkok

Don’t know where to shop in Bangkok? Check these following areas that you shouldn’t miss!

  1. Chatuchak Area

1.1  Chatuchak Market

It is well known as JJ Market. It a must-visit weekend market in Thailand which located Chatuchak areas, next to BTS Chatuchak. By the size and the different collections of retail, this is where you can exactly shop ‘till you drop’with 35-acer area. Things to sell are vary from clothes to pet shops which are roughly divided into 11 categories:

ü  Clothes and Accessories (sections 2-6, 10-26)

ü  Handicrafts (sections 8-11)

ü  Ceramics (sections 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 25)

ü  Furniture and Home Decoration (sections 1,3,4,7,8)

ü  Food and Beverage (sections 2, 3, 4, 23, 24, 26, 27)

ü  Plants and Gardening tools (sections 3, 4)

ü  Art and Gallery (section 7)

ü  Pets and Pet Accessories (sections 8, 9, 11, 13)

ü  Books (sections 1, 27)

ü  Antiques and Collectibles (sections 1, 26)

ü  Miscellaneous and Used Clothing (sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 22, 25, 26)

The following guideline might help you to get start:


Why JJ?

–          It is the great place for the bargain hunting.

–          Loads of merchants and stalls that you can brush up your bargaining skills.

–          Easy! just hop on BTS skytrain to Mo Chit station or Chatuchak Park for MRT.

–          Parking area nearby

–          Open from 9.00 – 18.00 on weekend and 18.00-24.00 on Friday.

1.2 Rod Fi Market

Yet Chatuchak market is not the only must-visit place in that area. There is a popular night market which located next to it which is Rod Fi Market. It is a bazaar set beside an abandoned railroad track. If you are looking for some classic or vintage stuff as well as second hand goods, this place is an ideal.

It was divided into 2 parts: outer and inner zone.

You can find food, clothes both new and second hand, antique furniture in the first area. It looks like a parking lot where venders display their staff on the floor. At the same time, the second zone or the inner zone is decorated from the abandoned warehouse that, inside, you will find vintage style furniture and other home decorations. Plus a vintage clothes and dolls.

Why Rod Fi Market?

–          Next to JJ market, which is easy to commute and park you car.

–          Open 17.00 till midnight only on Weekend.

–          Those vintage stuff are hard to find, let’s grab it!

  1. Pratunam Area

Pratunam is an ancient and well-known area located in the center of Bangkok. If we talk about Pratunam, people would think of wholesale clothes. Therefore, the first place we would like to recommend in this area is

2.1 Pratunam wholesale market

Here is the major wholesale market for clothes, fashion accessories and shoes but also doing retail trade. The wholesale market is located at the intersection next to Amari Watergate Hotel. It is full of shops and stalls along the sidewalks and extends to the Baiyoke Tower I and Baiyoke Towers II. It trades all kinds of clothes from shorts, T-shirt, plants, suits, fancy dress, fancy accessories, cosmetics, etc. Open daily morning till evening.

Image2.2 The Platinum Fashion Mall

ImageAfter shopping at Pratunam Market, on the opposite side, you will find a big fashion mall located next to Novotel Bangkok Platinum named The Platinum Fashion Mall. It was known as a large shopping mall for clothes, which offers both wholesale and retail prices. Merchants vary from kid’s clothes, woman and men’s clothes till fashion and fancy accessories. Also, this mall is easy to navigate since types of goods are categorized in groups e.g. Kid’s clothes and accessories are on the fifth floor, woman clothes are on the first and second floor. Yet on the sixth floor of the mall is the food hall where shoppers can enjoy international food at low prices. Open to shop daily from 9.00 to 20.00.

2.3 Pantip Plaza

ImagePantip Plaza is located next to The Platinum Fashion Mall. It is popular for indoor selling electronic products including software, computers, mobile phones, tablets and their accessories with affordable price! It was an ideal destination for those tourists who are looking for a massive inexpensive electronic store. What’s more? The wide space in the middle of the mall is the area where brands always exhibit the events and special promotions for Pantip customers. It’s open every day from 10.00 to 20.00 at Pratunam, Bangkapi, Ngamwongwan, and Chiangmai.

2.4 Central World (CTW)

It can be said that this place is the largest lifestyle shopping destination in Bangkok! If you are heading to Bangkok, you must have heard this name, Central World. The department store combines the other two malls together, which are ZEN Department Store and ISETAN; Japanese style mall. It was an exciting experience from the first to the seventh floor for you to explore starting from


  • 1st – 3rd floor: clothing and accessories brands
  • 4th floor: electronically stuff and banking services
  • 5th floor: furniture stores and kid clothing
  • 6th – 7th floor: international food, food hall and entertainment section; 15-screen world cinema.

Easy to get there! Get nearest BTS to Chidlom or Siam station, and then CTW will be at the middle of skywalk pathway!


  1. Asiatique The River Front

This place is definitely fantastic! It is located by the river front in Charoen Krung Area. The place is adapted from the old warehouses so those shops are decorated with antique styles and divided into over 10 warehouses where these warehouses display with different styles. Shops and stalls vary from clothes to Thai’s souvenir.

Don’t miss the highlight: Bangkok Eye!

It is a big wheel that allows riders to see panorama views of Bangkok, only 200 baht for adult and 150 for kid.


Open daily from 17.00 – 23.00. Free round boat from Saphan Taksin BTS right to Asiatique. Plus, car parking areas that is available for 2,000 cars.


  1. Siam shopping area

Bangkok fans must know Siam. This is a heart of Bangkok consisting of numbers of malls and department store like Siam Center, Digital Gateway, Siam Paragon, Siam, MBK, Bonanza Mall and Tokyo.

ImageBy BTS Siam Station, you will see Siam Paragon and Siam on another side. For Paragon, it is well known for a high-end shopping center, which most of the luxury brands are located. Only the brands, but also entertainments like cinemas, Madame Tussauds, and Siam Ocean Worlds.

ImageIf you are looking for some other places that a bit cheaper, take a look at Siam Center. It was another trendy lifestyle department store in Bangkok where most of the brands, restaurants, and cafes are in. You can walk through the Paragon Park area to Siam Center’s side entrance.

On the opposite side of Siam Paragon and Siam Center, it’s Siam Square where most of schools and open-air shops are located. Fashionistas shouldn’t miss!

The area is divided into soi across market stalls and shops on 10,000 sqm areas. Starting shop daily from 9.00 – 20.00. Please imagine Bond Street of London or Fifth Avenue of New York, you will have a clear picture of Siam Square!

ImageWalking along Pratumwan intersection, you will see MBK. It is similar to Pantip Plaza, which is selling electronically products and full of small stalls that is sell mobile phones and gadgets. If you are looking for the cheapest prices with various types of shops and merchants, this is recommended. It does not provide only electronically products, but also clothing and shoes on the lower floors. Optionally, you can take BTS skytrain to National Stadium Station and exit to Tokyo Department Store.

  1. China Town

Yaowarat Road and Charoen Krung Road are the main road of Chinatown, presenting a biggest eateries and shopping choice in Bangkok. Buildings in that area are designated as historical landmarks in early years. Enjoy those eateries from 18.00 till late night every day! Recommended food such as ice cream, nuts, orange juice, shark fins, dried food and fish maw.


It is easier to get there by taxi or bus number 25, 508, 4, 1, 7, 7ก, 53, 73, 73ก, 40, 85, 159, 507 and 529.

Don’t miss the fun of shopping in these top 5 shopping areas in Bangkok. Shop ‘til you drop Loopinians!

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Sweet Shops for Sweet Tooth

If you are like me who just can’t get enough of sweets, then this article is for you. I personally choose top 5 sweet shops that can be found in Bangkok. Together, let’s eat sweet!


Mr. Jones Orphanage

Mr. Jones Orphanage milk bar is one of the cutest sweet shops at the moment. It is located in the heart of Bangkok. The decoration of this shop will melt your heart away. It is decorated with lots and lots of teddy bears. I can guarantee that you cannot stop smiling as you enter this shop, it will make you feel like you are in a fairy land. Each table is decorated with teddy bears and toys. There will be a desert bar where you can pick your own favorite cake. One thing you cannot be missing out is vanilla milk.

Pop Me Up

If you are looking for a sweet customized mini cake, Pop Me Up will surely not disappoint you. Pop Me Up is the first cake POP shop in Thailand providing a variety of fantastic cake pops which you can give to your loved ones in every occasion. Though, Pop Me Up don’t have the store yet, you can order by e-mail or the fastest way is to call them at 08-6571-2262, 02-381-5355 from Monday – Saturday, 10:00am-6:00pm E Mail: pop-me-up@hotmail.com

DIY Cake from Vanilla Industry Siam Square Soi 11

If you are already bored of that same old cake I believe that this DIY (Do It Yourself) cake, yes! Cakes made by you, will make your day. The good thing about DIY cakes is that it is perfect as a gift; it can definitely impress your loved ones. You’ll never be disappointed with this cake, from the looks to the taste, it is perfect. So if you want some DIY cakes just drop by at Vanilla Café and they will provide you with some sugar decorator where you can choose from varieties of designs and you can do it either at home or at the café.

Melt Me

If you are a chocolate lover and looking for a set of premium quality chocolates for your chocolate cravings, I recommend you to go to Melt Me. The main ingredient is chocolate, which is imported from Hokkaido, Japan. It will melt in your mouth and will surely satisfy you. This is also a home made chocolate which provides you with many flavors. There are also Gelato from Italy with many well known Thai flavor as well.

Spring and Summer

At Spring and Summer there are 3 different zones. The spring zone is the inside zone decorated in a Thai style and served a Thai fusion food. The second zone is called the summer, this is the indoor zone decorated in a modern way; at this zone they serve sweets and good hot beverage. While the third zone is the outdoor zone where you can sit and just chill. The must-try sweets at Spring and Summer are the BTS (Better Than Sex), Cup C and many more. This restaurant is located at Sukhunvit 49/11.



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Most Talked-About Newly Opened Restaurants

So, what are the trends right now in terms of diners? We listed the most talked-about newly opened restaurants for 2013.

1. Magnum café

This is the new lifestyle café that was decorated in vintage style giving warm and relax feeling. There was over 170 seats available which is considered to be the biggest branch in the world since others were only ice-crème boots.

Ice-crème (magnum) is the main menu that is served in this café. Customers can choose their own sides e.g. jelly and chocolate. Though, Thai food and cocktails are served on customers’ choice.

Open daily: 10.30am-21.00pm @Siam Center, 1st floor


2. Four Seasons

The Chinese restaurant originates from London. It was well-known for roast duck and crispy pork. Those are the dishes that you must try! The branches are located in two places: MEGA Bangna, hundred seats available on the first and second floor and Siam Paragon on G floor.

Open daily: 11.00-22.00pm


3. Mandopop

Mandopop is a Chinese fusion cuisine restaurant located in the center of Bangkok. There are varieties of courses and chef will launch a new menu every month. The most recommended is the Dimsum that made from fresh flour every day. Also there is flour mixed with spinach, which is a special menu served only at Mandopop. The best foods are served with wine! A wide range of wines are available, also with the signature cocktails and mocktails.

Open daily: 17.00-00.00 pm.


4. Chocolate Ville

The new restaurant that is so popular for those who like taking a picture because the restaurant is decorated with lots of different scene within the area of 6.5 acres. The concept of the restaurant is close to the nature that is most of the areas are covered with trees, gardens and canal. Foods here are international like European, Thai, Korea, Japanese, Italian and Mexican. However, the recommended dishes are Sai-oul Spaghetti and Korean BBQ.

Open daily: 14.00-22.00pm.


5. La Moon Restaurant

The new international buffet restaurant is located at King Power Downtown Complex, 3rd floor with over 200 seats. You can choose from various international menus such as Japanese, Chinese, European, Thai and seafood. Popular foods are sushi and seafood which is served with hot and spicy sauce. There are also salad and dessert ready for you after meal and all this for only 500 baht!

Lunch time: 11.00-14.30 pm

Dinner: 17.00-21.30 pm (800 baht)


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4 Chill Out Place Around Sukhumvit Area

Finding for a perfect place to Chill Out with friends in Sukhumvit area? Here’s a solution to your problem. We’ve listed our top 4 chill out places in Sukhumvit where fun and bash can be found.

  1. Bombay Blue @ Thong Lhor Soi 10

From a successful Shisha bar and Indian restaurant at Khao San road. Now Bombay Blue has opened another branch in Thong Lhor area for people who enjoy the night life. This is another place to be watch out because it is a new hot place in town where you cannot be missed. Bombay Blue provide a Home-made Indian-Chinese fusion dishes Kumpa potatoes, chicken Hakka noodles, roast lamb with ginger garlic sauce, and more. Also there are varieties of cocktails. Bombay Blue has decorated in an Indian-themed décor style with deep red colourImages, fancy lights, and cushions. There are 4 private Cabana which you can book and make a private party. The one thing you can’t missed out is the Shisha Bar, which provide you with several flavours including Coke, Beer, Milk with strawberry and many more. Fusion India Cuisine and Shisha Bar is available at Bombay blue Thong Lhor soi 10 at 3rd floor Opus Building.

  1. Iron Fairies

Iron Fairies is like no bar you’ve ever been to in Bangkok. Trust me it is different from other place you ever been to I can guarantee it. If you walk into this I’m sure it will be like walking into some kind industrial with Fairies and antique decoration. It’s a whole new world from Thong Lhor. It actually looks more like a factory than a high-end pub, it’s like an Irish Pub decorated with heavy-looking industrial machinery. It is a very small area capacity of 50 people and there is live Jazz every night. So if you enjoy Jazz music I suggest you go here. This unique bar is not only a place to go and get drinks and cocktails but it is also a gallery, restaurant, antique store and blacksmith’s workshop. The walls are lined with jars of “fairy dust” and guests sit on upturned barrels. It’s almost reminiscent of something from a Harry Potter novel. This venue not only serves great cocktails and drinks, the signature dish from this place is a large hamburger. The theme of this pub is like different types of fairies working in an industrial using fairies dust.  It is located in the heart of Thong Lhor opposite from J Avenue. Open daily from 6pm until 2am.

  1. Brew Beer and Cider

Introducing place if you like Beer I suggest you go to BREW Beers & Ciders. This place is known for serving the largest selection of Beers and Ciders in Thailand, with over 100 labels available by the bottle and 10 on draft. Their aims are to educate people about good beer so they can have a place to go and enjoy crafted brews in Bangkok. Brew beer and Cider provide variety of beer and cider, and to provide the comfortable and cool ambience. They also serve the cheese platters, cold cuts, assorted nuts and other traditional bar-food favorites. They also stock a wide range of imported cigars to compliment with your choice of dri8nks. Location is in Seenspace Complex at Thong Lhor 13.

  1. Bottoms Up Wine and Bistro bar

At Bottoms up Thong Lhor Wine Beer and bistro bar, they provide us 300 seating with the combination of art gallery and food. This place have divided into 4 different zone which include outdoor zone where you can enjoy the city view, next zone up is the beer bar which provide 50 different types of imported beer, indoor zone and Dining wine zone and wine cellar. In the wine zone there is a modish wine dispersal where you can taste the wine or choose the wine by yourself with cash card systems. The wine cellar included with over 20,000 different types of wine. The food is fusion Italian cuisine. For this upcoming Valentine day there is special promotion for 30 lovely couple. There will be special menu prepare by Chef Kent from Master Chef Thailand. The price is 1999++ please make a reservation at 02-364-0840.

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