Trending Fashion Colors for Spring-Summer Collections

Most of us are now wondering what are the “It” fashion colors for this season that’s why we’ve listed some of the trending color collections of the most known clothing lines.


The most trending fashion colors for the spring-summer collections are bright and shiny with a touch of summer mood. The theme of modern conflict between man and nature was used as the main inspiration for this creation.

Spring and summer are linked with the bright colors of blossoming flowers just like the red rose, peony and the delicate daisy. Those are some of the inspiration of this season’s colors. Some of the fashion brands that use these vibrant colors are Oscar de la Renta, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

Wildlife is an endless source of creativeness. Refreshing lemon and soft olive-green colors are very present for the new collection of spring-summer of these top fashion brands: PrabalGurung, Gucci, Calvin Klein, and BottegaVeneta.

While Lanvin and Oscar de la Renta uses the colors of one of the most beautiful minerals of the earth, the green calcite and the emerald. These colors give us trendy transparent and vibrant green hues perfect for the summer season.

On the other hand, Celine and Moschino’s creations are enthused by the shades of ink, from transparent azure to dark blue, almost black color are very current in the new season.

And lastly, a skin like colors are what inspired the collections of Burberry and BottegaVeneta. And since clothes are like our second skin, nothing would be more exciting than wearing clothes close to our skin color.

There you go, our trending fashion colors for spring-summer collections and the top brands to watch for! You are now ready to be fashionable for this season. Have a vibrant and sparkly spring and summer Loopinians!

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