Neat with a Twist: Growing out of Picky Drinking

Neat with a Twist: Growing out of Picky Drinking


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I grew up cursed with a very picky set of taste buds and a stubborn mind. As soon as I could make conscious decisions about what I wanted to eat, I had opinions on just about everything, even if I’d never tried it before. Asparagus was out because it looked dangerous, no brussels sprouts because everyone said they were gross, and onions were just obviously disgusting because my dad loved them. I saw a “list of foods Kelsey will eat” left at my grandmother’s from when I was about 10 years old. It included macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, vanilla yogurt, raw carrots, and not much else. As I’ve grown up and thankfully out of indiscriminate pickiness, I’ve started to realize that taste is, for the most part, something that goes through trends and adaptations just as everything else in this world does. I’m constantly surprised at how…

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