Sweet Shops for Sweet Tooth

If you are like me who just can’t get enough of sweets, then this article is for you. I personally choose top 5 sweet shops that can be found in Bangkok. Together, let’s eat sweet!


Mr. Jones Orphanage

Mr. Jones Orphanage milk bar is one of the cutest sweet shops at the moment. It is located in the heart of Bangkok. The decoration of this shop will melt your heart away. It is decorated with lots and lots of teddy bears. I can guarantee that you cannot stop smiling as you enter this shop, it will make you feel like you are in a fairy land. Each table is decorated with teddy bears and toys. There will be a desert bar where you can pick your own favorite cake. One thing you cannot be missing out is vanilla milk.

Pop Me Up

If you are looking for a sweet customized mini cake, Pop Me Up will surely not disappoint you. Pop Me Up is the first cake POP shop in Thailand providing a variety of fantastic cake pops which you can give to your loved ones in every occasion. Though, Pop Me Up don’t have the store yet, you can order by e-mail or the fastest way is to call them at 08-6571-2262, 02-381-5355 from Monday – Saturday, 10:00am-6:00pm E Mail: pop-me-up@hotmail.com

DIY Cake from Vanilla Industry Siam Square Soi 11

If you are already bored of that same old cake I believe that this DIY (Do It Yourself) cake, yes! Cakes made by you, will make your day. The good thing about DIY cakes is that it is perfect as a gift; it can definitely impress your loved ones. You’ll never be disappointed with this cake, from the looks to the taste, it is perfect. So if you want some DIY cakes just drop by at Vanilla Café and they will provide you with some sugar decorator where you can choose from varieties of designs and you can do it either at home or at the café.

Melt Me

If you are a chocolate lover and looking for a set of premium quality chocolates for your chocolate cravings, I recommend you to go to Melt Me. The main ingredient is chocolate, which is imported from Hokkaido, Japan. It will melt in your mouth and will surely satisfy you. This is also a home made chocolate which provides you with many flavors. There are also Gelato from Italy with many well known Thai flavor as well.

Spring and Summer

At Spring and Summer there are 3 different zones. The spring zone is the inside zone decorated in a Thai style and served a Thai fusion food. The second zone is called the summer, this is the indoor zone decorated in a modern way; at this zone they serve sweets and good hot beverage. While the third zone is the outdoor zone where you can sit and just chill. The must-try sweets at Spring and Summer are the BTS (Better Than Sex), Cup C and many more. This restaurant is located at Sukhunvit 49/11.



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