Some of the Most Loved Beaches in Thailand

Thailand’s beaches are always one of the huge attractions for foreign tourists simply because of its beauty. The splendor beaches around the country will surely capture your heart and will make you to come back over and over. All the things you need in a beach getaway can be found here in Thailand including diving, snorkeling, or simply just swimming, playing in the sand and sun bathing. One can never go wrong in choosing Thailand as their beach destination. To guide you a bit, here is some of the most loved beach in the country.

  1. Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is a busy place where you can find many scenic views and pristine beaches. It lies southwest of Krabi coastline and it is part of a marine national park, a must see destination. It is sheltered with islands; the Don, the larger island and the Leh, the smaller one. Don offers sheer limestone cliffs, coral gardens, fine sand beaches, hidden coves and beautiful reefs while Leh, though uninhabited still offers stunning places like limestone cliffs rising sheer out of the turquoise waters, bays, caves and small coves. This place is extremely beautiful which one would certainly love to see.


  1. Phra Nang Beach

Phra nang beach is part of a peninsula flanked by the city of Krabi and Ao Nang beach. It is popular for its attractive beaches, tranquil environment, and its extraordinary rock formation which is excellent for rock climbing for both beginners and professionals. The beach is the ideal place for swimming, snorkeling, family bonding, and sight seeing or nature exploring.


  1. Patong Beach

Patong is a two to three kilometers long beach and one of the most popular beach destinations in PhuketIsland. Its wide variety of activities and nightlife makes it famous to most of the tourists. Patong beach is immense, bold, dazzling and busy place, really an ideal place to party and play. Amazing beach and worry-free wild nightlife, that’s how lively Patong beach is.


  1. Railay Beach

Railay beach is located in Krabi province and is divided into two: first is the East Railay, it includes an area of mangroves and mud flats and second is the West Railay, this is the more popular tourist destination. Aside from its pristine white beaches, it is also famous for its stunning wall of mountains, interesting rock formations, fascinating limestone cliffs, caves and lagoon hidden inside the cliffs, and picturesque views. Moreover, Railay provide opportunities for rock climbing enthusiasts. All the hardship and tension the climbers take are all worth the magnificent view of the surrounding areas from the top of the cliff.


  1. Ao Nang Beach

Krabi’s Ao Nang Beach is a pulsating tourist spot and one of the most liked beaches in Thailand. It has the cleanest of environments in the area, has a comfortable atmosphere, has beautiful beach views and has absolutely charming and affordable commodities. Ao Nang Beach is a less crowded and a quieter place but still it is the mainly developed beach in the vicinity which offers street shops and variety of restaurants. It also features clear waters of the sea, limestone cliffs, and the long beach line. It has been a great attraction to tourists.


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