Must Try Thai Dishes: Feast All the Way

Are you a food lover? New here in Thailand? Wanna try everything that’s on the menu but don’t know where to start or what to order first? Or simply wants to have a taste of everything? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you’re on the right track. Here’s a list of the Five Must Try Thai Dishes, you can’t afford to miss! They’re all worth trying, at least once!

Tom Yum Goong 

Hot and Spicy Shrimp Soup.

Tom Yum, the word “yum” is included in the name and I agree with it. It is indeed a yummy food that one must try when they came here in Thailand. Tom yam is a Thai masterpiece soup and a traditional example of a dish that combines the four Thai favorite flavors: spicy, sour, sweet, and salty all in one bowl.  This soup is loaded with shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime leaves. It comes with different varieties; it can be teemed with coconut milk and cream or without any of it. It is truly a satisfying soup that many locals and tourists are passionate about.

ImageBanana Leaf Restaurant serves all around delicious food, including great tom yum gung. Silom Complex basement floor, Silom Road, Bangkok. BTS: Saladaen. Open daily from 11am to 9.30 pm. Tel: +66 (0)2 231

Pad Thai

Stir-Fried Thai Noodles

Pad Thai is one of the best known noodle dishes in Thailand and probably something that tourists rave and hype about. Pad Thai includes dried shrimps, egg, tofu, bean curd, green onions, among others. It is great to eat with a squeeze of lime and ground peanuts.  It is eaten as a light meal and is popular at night markets throughout the country. So famous, it is available in countless street carts in and out the city.

ImageA stationary street cart is located right inside the gate of the Wat Ratchaburana (temple) near the Saphan Phut market. Chakkraphet Road, Wangburapha Subdistrict, Phra Nakorn District. Open in the late afternoon to late at night.

Gaeng keow waan

Green Curry

A traditional central Thai dish, Gaeng keow waan, is made using a curry paste of fragrant herbs and spices. It is one of the most eminent and sought after Thai dishes. Gaeng keow waan has a vibrant green color which comes from the use of green chilies and Thai basil leaves and it is usually prepared quite soupy so a plate of rice is necessary to sop up every intricate drop.

ImagePoi-sien Restaurant serves a vibrant green curry filled with all kinds of herbs and flavors. Soi Ratchawithi 6, Boonme Building. Open from about 10am to 10pm. Tel: +66 (0)84 527 5521


Som Tam

Spicy Raw Papaya Salad

Thailand’s most famous salad, Som Tam, is from the northeast. Its ingredients include chilies, dried shrimp, lime juice, tomatoes, peanuts, and of course papaya. The papaya must be dark green and firm. Som Tam’s sweet, salty, and spicy flavors harmonizing with the crisp crunch of the green papaya is absolutely delicious. This salad is also best served with sticky rice.

ImageIt’s hard to miss the som tam carts all over Bangkok that offer delicious salads but if you need a suggestion try Ta Bun Tum Restaurant, Pin Ngen Market block R28-R29, next to Major Pinklao. Open from 12 noon to 9pm. Tel: +66 (0)847 070 2950.

Kaeng Massaman

Massaman Curry

Kaeng Massaman is a famous southern Thai dish made using dried and roasted spices such as peanuts, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and cumin. It is a sweet curry and is used as a Halal dish. Typically, Massaman is made using lamb or goat but in Bangkok chicken is often used.

ImageBaan Ajarn Restaurant, 107/7-8 Soi Rangnam Rd, Phaya Thai, Ratchawithi. Open from 11am to 11pm. Tel: +66 (0)2 245 2775





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