The Restaurant for Celebrating Chinese New Year

Long Fong is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Bangkok. If you like to take your grandmother way back into her childhood, I suggest that you take her here because this restaurant provides only good and traditional Chinese food with all ingredients imported from China. What can I say; it is very traditional Chinese cuisine.  Long Fong means dragon and swan which is from the authentic traditional Cantonese cuisine.

Don’t think that this will cost a lot because Long Fong only cost 635 ++ Baht. Its exquisite A la carte Buffet includes Chicken Soup in Chinese Medicine, Shark Fin in traditional Cray Pot, Jelly fish salad with sesame oil, fried snow fish with fruit salad, Dim Sum and many more.

Take your family here, celebrate Chinese New Year, and enjoy an excellent traditional Chinese cuisine.

Long Fong is open from 11.30-14.30 for lunch and 18.00-22.30 for dinner. It is located at the second floor of Swiss Hotel Le Concorde Bangkok. You can call and make your reservation at 02-694-2222 Ext. 1540. Special dish will be prepared by Chef for celebrating Chinese New Year on the 10th February 2013 so book now!Image

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